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Better investments, profits and money management

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The new taxes have kept the investors away from anymore investments in real estate. If chosen wisely, there are some projects which are still under priced and there is great potential there for both short term and long term investment.

Below are some of the projects which should be considered moving forward

  1. DHA Phase 7 (short term)
  2. DHA IVY Green (short term)
  3. Lake City Installment Plan  (short term/long term)
  4. Bahria Orchard Installment Plan (short term/long term)
  5. Sui Gas Phase 2 (short term/long term)
  6. NFC 2(long term)
  7. AWT Phase 2(short term/long term)
  8. LDA City(long term)
  9. Central Park (short term/long term)
  10. Pak Arab Housing (short term/long term)
asked Jul 26, 2016 in Investment advice by hamza (1,340 points)

1 Answer

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One has to be careful about the B Class projects. They can give good gains but make sure there are no litigation issues.
answered Jul 27, 2016 by usman (1,730 points)

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