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My guess is that rest of 2017 will not be good for real estate gains. If you want to invest for short term, please keep in mind that due to political situation of the country you may not get the desired results. 

I think, overall real estate will remain stagnant till next election buy my prediction could be wrong too. If you are not an experienced investor, I would suggest to keep this point in your mind.

You should try to invest in under priced reliable projects.  Under priced or onground properties have very less chances to go down. Having said that below are safe options that I would consider for myself. 

DHAB - DHA Bahawalpur

Very much under priced DHA project. Your invest will be double in 3 years. Fast pace development work is going on site. DHA has committed to make it livable by end of 2018 so It has great potential. Many universities are coming to DHAB too. Price in nearby DHA schemes is at least 70-80 lakhs while DHAB file is available at the price of 30+-.

DHAM - DHA Multan

Ideally located on educational hub of Multan, DHAM has great potential to grow further.  DHA launched Kanal file at 68 and cash file is available at 48 which has great potential to gain more.

People of Multan have very good buying power and 1 kanal in nearby schemes is around 90-130 lakhs which makes DHAM a great investment. DHAM installment plots are also good buy for the people who can not afford cash lump sum money. I would recommend to buy Kanal cash file for better gains. It will double your investment within 3-4 years. Plot ballot is expected in first quarter of 2018 and it will add 20-25 lakhs to current value of cash file.

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard is one of the most beautiful and well planned society of Lahore with Bahria tag is very under priced. I would rate it better than DHA for living. On-ground properties here are very much under priced.

5 Marla is available in 30+-.

8 Marla is available in 42+-.

10 Marla is available in 54+-

Below are the main features which I have mentioned in my previous posts too

  • Very beautiful place to live 
  • Under priced
  • 4-5 Minute away from Lahore Ring Road/Adda Plot
  • Orchard Park - a themed entrance park
  • Orchard Falls
  • Community Clinic & Hospital with all modern facilities
  • Continuous Power Supply
  • International Standard School
  • 24/7 Security and Maintenance Services
  • Underground Electricity, Gas, Telephone & other Utilities
  • Grid Station
  • Commercial Areas
  • Gold Class Cinema (Cinegold)
  • Mini Golf Course, Community Center & Club
  • Grand Jamiah Mosque
  • Brand name

Bahria Town Karachi

Precincts near to main gate/highway and near attraction points have great potential of growth. Very under priced compare to DHA City Karachi. Best scheme of Karachi. You can say its Dubai of Pakistan.

Please invest wisely in on-ground plots and avoid Sports City last Precincts and new Bahria Paradise deal. The golden rule in Bahria investment is to only invest in on-ground plots.


Below are some slow and steady gainers. I couldn't find time to write details about the below because of time shortage. Will try to write few lines soon about the below projects too.

  • DHA 9 Town Lahore
  • IVY Green/DHA Phase 8 Z Block
  • DHA Phase 7 (Upper blocks preferred)
  • Bahria Enclave Islamabad
  • Faisal Town Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City Islamabad
  • DHA Peshawar
  • Top City Islamabad (has some political issues at the moment but hopefully will be resolved soon)
  • Lake City Lahore
  • DHA PRISM Lahore


Please note that Gwadar will see ups and downs till 2020. You have to be very smart for short term investment.


Below options can be considered for Gwadar investment 

  • Sanghar Housing Scheme 
  • Naval Anchorage Gwadar
  • Golden Palm
  • New Town 
  • New World City
  • GDA 5
  • Creek City 

Please don't invest anywhere without visiting particularly Gwadar. 


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