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Better investments, profits and money management

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Please share the projects which you think will be winners for this year from investment point of view.
asked Apr 8, 2016 in Investment advice by usman (1,730 points)

2 Answers

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From the limited knowledge I have, I am sure the below projects gain better. 

DHA Phase 7


  • DHA Brand
  • Fully Developed
  • Most area has possession 
  • Lot of room for price increase
  • Lot of big projects like Knowledge park (Higher education universities) & kidney center
  • Ideal for 2-3 years investment/living.


  • Boundry touches BRB
  • Some villages still there

Bahria Orchard


  • Bahria brand
  • Almost fully developed
  • Lot of room for price increase due to LRR & Raiwind road widening.
  • No Loadshedding
  • Big parks & green area
  • Ideal for 2-3 years investment and living.


  • Location is a bit away from central city

DHA PRISM/ Phase 9


  • DHA Brand
  • Excellent location - access from both Freozpur road side & DHA side
  • Developed started in Feb 2016 - Some blocks should be ready within 3-4 years minimum
  • Ideal for min 4-5 years investment If you buy now. Prices are already gone up. 


  • Might be livable after 7-8 years.
  • Boundary touches Hydra Drain
  • Some factories very near to residential  

Fazaia Phase 2


  • Access from Multan road and Raiwind road
  • Lot of room for price increase
  • Good society management 


  • Under development
  • Far away from center of city 

SUI Gas Phase 2


  • In between Bahria Canal & Bahria Orchard
  • Access from Raiwind road
  • Lot of room for price increase
  • Good society management 
  • 80% development done


  • No electricity yet
  • Severage Drain passes thru it. 

Central Park


  • Excellent location on main freozpur road
  • Best for living
  • Good investment for 2 years
  • Preferred blocks A,B & G. 


  • Possession not given to all plots
  • Not considered in Grade A societies

AWT phase 2


  •  Good location on main Raiwinf Road
  • LLR & Raiwind road widening
  • Development complete, all possession plots & some houses are there


  • Not A grade society from living point of view. 
  • Development not that good compared to neighboring Lake City or Bahria 

Bahria Sports & Education City


  • Bahria brand
  • Cheap investment
  • Small & big size plots
  • Access from sui asal road


  • Location is not that good 
  • Good for long term investment 

NFC Phase 2


  • Direct access from Multan road
  • Boundary touches Bahria Canal
  • Next to Bahria town canal
  • Lot of room for price increase


  • Most area is under development
  • Very slow development
answered Apr 8, 2016 by tepu (730 points)
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Below are popular lahore projects which gained maximum investment appreciation

Dha 9-Extension Gained: 90%

Bahria Orchard Gained: 75%

Fazaia Phase 1 Gained: 70%

Lake City Gained: 65%

NFC Phase 2 Gained: 45%

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Gained: 40%

DHA PRISM gained: 40%

PHASE 9 Town Gained: 40%

Bahria Nasheman Gained: 30%

DHA City Gained: 20%

*I have rounded the figures to 5. Errors and emissions are expected.
answered Apr 16, 2016 by hamza (1,340 points)

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