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We have developed this platform for Real Estate community to cater their much needed demands.
Introducing complete property platform for the Lahore Property Community. We have developed this platform with the help of investors and end user community...So, we know what you need

Here are the much needed and unique features

1. Daily updated prices are sorted based on the appreciation gained - Top gainers at the top for the particular month

2. Click on particular property to see its graphical appreciation trends. Below is an example of a property appreciation trend

3. Get daily property prices in your inbox. To subscribe, please visit

4. State of the art point based Q & A section developed using best available technologies. Try it, you will love it.

5. Login with Facebook, Google or Custom Registration/Login.

6. Private messaging with individual user.

7. Group chat

8. Notify user by email when someone responds to his/her question

We'll keep on improving with the help of community.

Disclaimer: The prices are taken from last day's buying/selling activity with the help of community. We are not a real estate company and we don't take any responsibility of your buying/selling. We just display trends to help you understand market and take informed decisions. Use your own mind to take any buying/selling decision.

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